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Data Scientist


Hello World

Hi I’m Kaylea, a Manchester based data scientist currently working at Residently. I’ve done quite a lot of work in time-series analysis, demand forecasting and changepoint detection. I’m currently broadening my skills working on different projects.

The plan for this blog is to:

  • share my knowledge on time-series analysis and forecasting, particularly applied in industry
  • document my learnings as I grow and develop as a data scientist
  • share any thoughts and discussions from attending data science meet-ups.

Feel free to contact me about anything in this blog via LinkedIn or Twitter.


Recent Posts

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Speaker Events

Fun with Functions

On the 4th of February I presented a workshop on functions in R at the R Ladies Manchester meetup.

Publications and Resources

PyDataMCR Podcast Episode 3 - Forecasting Ft. Kaylea Haynes

I joined the team at PyDataMCR on their podcast to talk about forecasting.







Data Scientist


May 2020 – Present Manchester

Data Scientist


Apr 2017 – Apr 2020 Manchester
Projects include:

  • Demand forecasting to get the right stock in the right place at the right time.
  • Optimising pick runs in a warehouse.


STOR-i Lancaster University

Sep 2012 – Oct 2016 Lancaster
Detecting Changes in Big Data